Eternal Darkness holds a special place in the hearts of many Nintendo fanatics. The GameCube game made excellent use of Lovecraftian horror and introduced an absolutely mindbending sense of trickery to the survival horror genre. The fact that it was published by Nintendo just added to the insanity (pun intended). So naturally, fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever sense.

While it likely won’t be published by Nintendo, we may just get one.

Dennis Dyack and the rest of his Precursor Games team unveiled a teaser trailer for Shadow of the Eternals on IGN yesterday. Eternals is officially billed as a “spiritual successor” to Eternal Darkness, but it is currently planned for release on the Wii U and PC. The complete game will be broken down into 12 episodes, and a crowdfunding campaign will begin on Monday, May 6 in an attempt to fund the first one. Precursor is seeking $1.5 million to help them develop Shadow of the Eternals: Episode One.

It’s likely that Dyack began working on Shadow of the Eternals while he was still at Silicon Knights, the original creators of Eternal Darkness.

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